Breeding conditions of the EU insemination station Söderhof

The stallion station is recognized as an EU insemination station.

All mare owners who use stallions at the station accept the following conditions for all current and future business relationships. In addition, the breeding and insemination conditions of the Oldenburg Association apply.

The breeding season starts on February 1st, 2023 and ends on July 31st, 2023.

Semen orders are only accepted by telephone (0049 51 61/4 90 36), by email or fax (0049 51 61/4 78 97), daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Form to order semen by fax or email (you can download this form to your computer, fill it out there and then send it by email.)

When ordering semen by telephone, we ask that you have the following information at hand:


  • desired stallion
  • Name and full address of the mare owner
  • Information about the mare (life number, name, parentage, age)
  • Inseminating veterinarian / inseminator and his address
  • Breeding association to which the insemination is to be reported
  • Exact shipping address


The breeding certificates are to be submitted to the stallion owner (not to the veterinarian) at the beginning of the breeding season.

Shipping costs are at the expense of the breeder/mare owner.

The costs for sending semen within Germany from Monday to Friday are € ? plus VAT. Sending semen on the weekend (Saturday) costs € ? plus VAT. The courier services do not offer delivery on Sundays. Collection from the farm on Sunday but possible after registration the day before until 10 a.m.

The stud fee is due at the first insemination. In Germany, all stud fees include VAT.

Please, consider our new bank connection!

Kreissparkasse Walsrode
IBAN: DE12 2515 2375 0045 3325 17

Semen dispatch in the following course only takes place after receipt of the stud fee.

Spacious boxes and good pastures are available to accommodate the mares. The daily rate for mares is € 14 + VAT, for mares with foals € 17 + VAT.

The storage takes place at the risk of the owner. Mares that are on livery at the Söderhof must be vaccinated against influenza and herpes!

Station vet is Dr. Frank Lehnhardt.

Meaningful swab samples must be available for favored mares.

Inseminations are only carried out after the follicle has been checked by the station’s vet.

Insemination flat rate for fresh semen transfer including all follicle checks, inseminations and the first pregnancy examination for 2 breeding cycles 250 € + 19% VAT.

Insemination fee for frozen semen, services see above € 350 + 19% VAT.

Insemination flat rate for stallions owned by the stud farm € 200 + 19% VAT.

Single follicle check 30 € plus 19% VAT

Single pregnancy examination 30 € plus 19% VAT.

Medicines are of course charged extra.


The following applies to coverings with fresh semen:

Mares who have not taken or reabsorbed will be credited with half the stud fee paid for the previous year, provided that by 01.12. a veterinary certificate is available. If this certificate is not available by then, it is unfortunately not possible to credit it.

Mares after 01.07. inseminated for the first time in the respective year and not in foal, are given full free breeding in the following year. Please note that the veterinary certificate must also be issued by December 1st. must be available.

The following applies to all stallions at the station:

10% discount on the stud fee for each additional mare for the same stallion.

10% discount for premium and elite mares.

10% discount for mares from the versatility program of the southern German associations.

Only one discount can be used per mare. The discounts cannot be added together.


Dr. Frank Lehnhardt, phone 0049 171/48 64 785

Maria Lehnhardt phone 0049 162/10 63 668

Söderhof phone 0049 5161/4 90 3